Visual Support

Besides the basic elements of the visual identity, the creation of image packages can be useful for supporting messages and differentiating the language used in all different applications. The use of elements like graphic assets and photographs can facilitate communication.


This is an essential part of the WUF personality: Emotional, vibrant and memorable images of cities, showcasing diversity, public space, and community life. The images displayed here are references which serve as examples of the photographic framework for the brand. The dialogue box can be used as the visual element that ties the photographies to the WUF language.

Graphic Elements

Here is a package of graphic assets than can be used either as separate visual elements, or to create visual compositions and graphic motifs: they are created to support the WUF Universal Brand System, as a visual resource to expand the WUF universe.

Extracted from the nature of the logo, this shapes can be juxtaposed creating an illusion of translucent and movement. Feel free to change the elements colours and to create new compositions.