About the Brand System

The universal WUF Visual Identity System is a graphic package to be used in upcoming sessions, which also leaves room for the next host countries and cities to represent themselves in a unique visual way, while preserving the core identity of the brand.

WUF Visual Identity gets inspiration from:

  • The vast diversity of cities
  • Ideas of Sustainable Design
  • Don’t just design for people, but with people

We created an image that:

  • Understands and incorporates the principles of UN-Habitat
  • Is coherent with the objectives of the forum, raising awareness of sustainable urbanization
  • Compiles and applies the lessons learned from past events

Visual Identity System

VI System is the arrangement of visual elements that come together to represent the event. The VI system is composed of the logo, typography, colour palette and visual applications or graphic motifs.


UN-Habitat’s vision of “a better quality of life for all in an urbanizing world” is bold and ambitious. UN-Habitat works with partners to build inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable cities and communities. UN-Habitat promotes urbanization as a positive transformative force for people and communities, reducing inequality, discrimination and poverty.

World Urban Forum

The World Urban Forum is the world’s premier conference on urban issues. Organized every 2 years, the WUF has been hosted in nine different countries, having a different logo adapted freely to each session and context.

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