Creating your NUF Visual Identity

The NUF logo is part of the Universal WUF Visual Identity. The logo keeps the dialogue symbol, the typography and general structure of the WUF logo. Unlike the Future WUF sessions logo, the National Urban Forum logo is only allowed to change its colours. Host countries and cities are welcome to use their national colours or the colours they consider more meaningful for this event. Your NUF can select 3 to 4 colours to create its unique logo.

Step 1 Choose your color palette

In order to give a unique identity to each National Urban Forum session, while preserving the consistency of the universal WUF image, future NUF sessions are invited to select 3 to 4 colours from the palette, extracting the most suitable combination in order to showcase their own personality. The colors can be related to the brand of the host city/country, or to the symbolism regarding the theme of the session and the main ideas that want to be expressed within the event.

colour selection