Step-by-step guide to create your own identity

This logo has been created with the intent to present a creative space for future host countries, while maintaining the WUF core identity. It is important to preserve the structure and fixed elements, keeping in mind that it is the symbol that will serve as a blank canvas to explore concepts and visual compositions that speak about each individual event.

Step 1 Choose your color palette

Future sessions are invited to select 3 to 5 colors from the palette, extracting the most suitable combination in order to showcase their own personality. The colors can be related to the brand of the host city/country, or to the symbolism regarding the theme of the session and the main ideas that will take place within the event.

Example colour selection:

Tutorial: How to create your color palette

Step 2 Create!

Here are some ideas to help future sessions create a unique visual identity while preserving the essense of the WUF Universal Brand System, being inspired by the principles of UN-Habitat, and the WUF itself.


This is the opportunity to create and display a unique image of your city. The artwork can be visually related to:

The identity of the city and country

In addition to its icons, it is vital to visualize the culture and the identity of the citizens.

The theme

Each session has its own theme, and the visual identity can be a tool to help to communicate the main principles or concepts to be highlighted. You can also find inspiration in the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda.

Participatory Design

The core of every city lays in its citizens. We encourage not only to design for them, but with them. WUF branding can become an opportunity to work together with the people, and showcase their vision of the city.

Style & Graphic Support

Future sessions are free to develop their own visual language. Future sessions are free to develop their own visual identity based on illustrations, any figurative elements, or even abstract graphic motifs. The idea is that each session can create their own WUF universe, in which a powerful brand is created, not only depending on the logo but other graphic elements that can be used on the wide range of applications required for the event and all its communication materials, digital and printed.

Step 3 Adapt

Please follow the guidelines to create your WUF future session logo:

And make sure to check the guidelines on the use of the logos and the principles for the creation of the WUF brand applications, and promotional material.